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Commitment to excellence

About Us
CFI was born with the aim of training and instructing Brazilian companies that are interested in entering the foreign market, whether buying or selling products. As Brazil is still a country with little knowledge of foreign trade, we feel the need to train, instruct and make COMEX viable in the Brazilian business community.

Affiliate companies that are interested in foreign trade so that their products and businesses are more profitable with the activity of international trade, as we believe that commerce, industry and services, working with the foreign market, create infinite opportunities every day and every day time.
The CFI's main objective is to boost international trade in small and medium-sized companies, where in turn COMEX should be a path of prosperity to achieve greater competitiveness. We believe in this agenda and this is our institutional role.

We have the technical capacity to instruct, guide and perform Brazilian companies for the foreign market, carrying out all the international logistics for the acquisition or sale of products. Implementing COMEX in Brazil on a daily basis is our goal.

Import consultancy
Export consultancy
company structure
product development
customer development
tax development
Financial planning 
International logistics management
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